Listerr: Shaping the new ecommerce

Listerr: Shaping the new ecommerce

June 30, 2021
An ecommerce platform for all types of shopping needs.

Since the past several years, use of Internet has just increased very significantly. Not just surfing and for knowledge purposes, it has been used for many things such as global communication, social medias, and much more. One major change which internet has brought about is in the shopping style of customers across the world. Gone are the days when people went physically to stores to buy and sell things. Convenience is the most sought after factor for today’s generation. Ecommerce has built a new shape of doing business and all those business practices. Also, as we are facing the implications of COVID-19, it has also mandated the businesses to go online. Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, Amazon, are some prominent examples of successful e-commerce businesses. Here are some benefits which a vendor gets if they start selling online.

ecommerce: Making your store available all the time

Generally, a shop or a store can be opened for a limited time period only. Reasons for this might be the availability of resources, legal regulations in a region, or the customer footfall time. There is no sense of keeping your store open at odd times when there is no footfall. Getting a digital presence or making your store go online enables you to make the store available all the time. We at Listerr provide a platform for all the stores in which they can list their products and customers can access them for shopping whenever he or she likes to. This reduces the time constraint which practically cannot be escaped of, in the physical stores. Also, making your store online enables you to take pre-orders or enquiries on business holidays when the physcial shop has to be kept shut. This ultimately helps a vendor to grow his business by generating more sales.

Low starting costs

Setting up a physical store requires a lot of funds to be invested in. Everyone doesn’t have that much amount to start with or even if they have, they are not willing to take that risk on such a heavy amount. Starting up with your business online just solves this problem very smoothly. Building a digital store at Listerr is very affordable and easy to handle. Listerr provides vendors with an innovative e-commerce platform under very affordable and cheap packages to start with. Hence, a small and local vendor with not much capital can also seek to start selling online without any problem.

Reduced Operation Costs

When handling a physical store, one needs to hire a whole lot of customer service staff to deal with customers. Their salaries and store maintenance account for a huge proportion of funds that can be saved if selling online. Selling online doesn’t require all these types of operational expenses. Hence, a business can save on these extra operational expenses such as staff salaries, shop rent, etc.

ecommerce provides an expanded reach

Only some stores in a city or a town have a reach of all over the town. This happens only and only if they are selling something which is not easily available somewhere else. Apart from these stores, other ones generally have a limited reach and customer base. A local shop or store operating in a particular locality is most likely to get its sales restricted to that colony or locality. Going online doesn’t restrict your business to a particular area. Instead, it helps you increase your store’s reach. Listerr helps you connect to a citywide population through its marketplace. An added advantage which Listerr offers is the “Connect” Button and the “Announcements” Section. These two features helps a store to connect and increase their client base through link sharing and featuring offers on a specific page which is easily visible to the customers.

Improvement in the company Image

Every business today, be it on a small scale or on a very large scale, seeks to have an online presence these days. Now-a-days, there is a common mentality of people that a business ought to have an online presence. People have started judging a business by looking at its website, app, portal, online presence, etc. The way of people looking towards a business’s image has changed and people now generally search online for reviews or online portals of that business.

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