Making list and ordering through speech

Making list and ordering through speech

June 30, 2021

The ease of ordering

Remember the times when there was no need to go to the shop and call out every single item you wanted. It was all done by just making a list at home conveniently and handing it over to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper then prepared and packed all the product and delivered it to our homes. So convenient it was! This ease was only provided by the local shopkeepers and no one else could have even imagined a feature like this to add on to their businesses.

Online shopping: A convenient but Lengthy process

Almost every one of us has moved to online shopping as it looks pretty convenient and attractive to just sit at our home and get whatever one wishes to buy. Not just electronics and fashion apparels, but also groceries and vegetables & fruits are being shopped online. Unfortunately, this rising online shopping trend has somewhere faded that ease of shopping and we now have to select all the items individually and then have to buy them. None of the e-commerce platforms provide that ease of ordering by just making a single list or through a photo. Listerr has introduced that feature once again into your lives once again in a modified version.

Ordering through Picture 

Imagine if you could just click a picture of a bottle of Coke and order a new one for you. How easy and time-saving it would be. Imagining such a feature seemed pretty much impossible a few years back and there is no such feature on any e-commerce platform, be it Amazon, Flipkart or any other platform. Listerr has come up with an algorithm where one can just click pictures of products he or she wants or a picture of a handwritten list and can order them on the portal.  

Language? Not a problem!

India is a country that has a lot of beautiful cultures. Along with diversified cultures, comes different native languages. Listerr understands the importance of each and every culture and thus provides the user with the option to make their list in the city’s native language. Along with this, users also have an option to make their list in English or Hindi, whichever language they are comfortable with. 

Order just by your voice

Convenience is what Listerr aims for its users and hence, we have eased it out for our users by adding a feature to order by speech. A user just has to speak and give commands for whatever products he or she wants to buy, and the order will just get placed directly. The need to type each and everything one wishes to buy has been narrowed down through this feature of Listerr.

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