A marketplace for users

A marketplace for users

July 6, 2021

Every company’s focus is on the satisfaction of its customers. Customers are the primary source of information on how well a business is doing in the market. Loyalty and satisfaction of its users is what every business seeks for. Listerr is B2B2C marketplace which acts as an aggregator between the local vendors of a city and the prospective customers in that city. Listerr aims to provide utmost convenience to its users whereas on the other hand, maximum growth to the vendors listed on the portal. Listerr, as a marketplace comes with many benefits to its users, some of them are:-

A marketplace for users to shop all their daily needs at one platform.

1. Daily Shopping App for users

Listerr provides a platform to local vendors to start and grow their business online. There are number of vendors who seek to have online presence but are short of resources or funds to go ahead. Listerr provides these local vendors to have their digital store in a very cheap and affordable package amount. For a user, Listerr acts as a one stop app solution for all needs. A person can look for and shop for all his or her daily needs under one platform only. We provide convenient and easy registration as well as ordering procedures so that there is not much hassle for the users. Along with all this, there are many other benefits to users as well.

2. Users gain access to all Industries together

There are times when we wish to buy multiple things in one go only. Gone are the days when we had to individually go to diiferent stores such as medical shops, general stores, fashion store, etc for buying different products. Listerr offers products from across more than 60 industries under a single platform. This allows users to buy multiple products of different needs without much hassle and without switching stores or switching among different applications.

3. Safe & Secure Delivery

The Coronavirus has put the world on a hold. Businesses are not able to survive without having an online presence. The major reason behind this is the option of doorstep deliveries. People do not have to move out or go to any store to physcially buy items. This reduces the risk of the virus spread and facilitates the much required social distancing and less physical interactions. Along with safety, getting your products delivered right at your doorstep also offers a sense of convenience. One doesn’t need to go anywhere to buy something, he or she just has to open an application and order whatever he or she wants.

4. Convenient ordering for users

Most customers now-a-days are willing to sacrifice somewhat on price to get a higher level of convenience. We at Listerr, with the help of deep technologies, have come up with features like Make List, Ordering through uploading photo, order through speech and much more. The make list feature is such that one has to make a single shopping list for all their shopping needs and send to a store. The store will then approve the order and deliver the products accordingly. This removes the unnecessary placement of multiple orders for different orders and also the hassle to type again and again.

5. Personalized Shopping Experience

Everyone looks out for relevant and useful offers so that they can be beneficial to them. Based on the shopping preferences and store connects, Listerr customises the visibility of offers and products that are most relevant to the users. In addition to this, Listerr also has an “Announcements” section which displays recent and upcoming offers from your favourite stores so that you don’t miss out on them.

6. Instant Returns

It is fairly possible that sometimes one doesn’t like the product delivered due to its quality or size or maybe some other reason. Listerr understands this and provides an option to instantly return the product when delivered in order to return and get the amount refunded. So, there is no need to worry for the returns. If you don’t like the products, you can easily return them instantly.

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