Pricing Plans

Don't worry! We offer 30 Days free trial to all user, for the first time.

Then we ask you to Top up recharge if you get the sell through us.

Currently we have extended our trial period to all user till 15 April 2021. Soon we going to launch our pricing models as given below.


per month ( inclusive all tax )
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for three months ( inclusive all tax )
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for a year ( inclusive all tax )
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Listerr के इस्तेमाल से काफी फायदा मिला हैं , पहले सब लोग ऑनलाइन घर से आर्डर करके सब्जियां और फल खरीद लेते थे , जिससे हमारी बिक्री पर असर हो रहा था , लिस्टर ऐप से हमने भी अपनी सब्जी की दूकान ऑनलाइन कर ली हैं, अब हम भी बड़ी आसानी से ऑनलाइन काम कर लेते हैं, लिस्टर काफी आसान हैं और ज्यादा महंगा भी नहीं हैं .

Fruits Vendor
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Listerr is fabulous concept, its announcement feature is very good, it gave me a way to promote my designs directly my consumers, from here I can connect as many as customers and can sell my things directly to them.

Boutique Owner
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जैसे जैसे ऑनलाइन का काम बढ़ रहा था , वैसे वैसे हमारा काम कम हो रहा था, ऑफर्स तो हम भी दे सकते हैं, पर देने के लिए हमारे पास कोई तरीका ही नहीं था, अभी लिस्टर से सारा काम आसानी से ऑनलाइन हो जाता हैं और हम ग्राहकों के ऑर्डर्स भी ले लेते हैं |

Amit Kumar
Kirana owner

Frequently Asked Questions

You can recharge anytime in in between, we will provide to relevant period validity according to recharge plan, once after the previous validity recharge get over.

There is no difference in feature wise. You get complete access to all the features. Only difference is payments period you get saving or more validity on our app to sell your products.

Yes we provide 30 days as trial period to all user for first. Then after that once you get the sell, we ask you to do recharge for getting validity.

No, we believe in quality, and our all quality customers prefer to go with plans provided.

There is no subscription fee at initial. You have just start as free trial.

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