Sell Online I Start your Digital Store at Listerr

Sell Online I Start your Digital Store at Listerr

April 17, 2021

Listerr – An Indian Maketplace ( Sell Online )

Listerr is an Indian Marketplace, which enables all the local stores to start selling online. One can sell online like fruits, vegetables, Kirana, Grocery, Clothes, Fashion, Electronics, Food, etc. via Listerr App. It is a unique type of marketplace that offers both the activities selling and buying on the same platform. Listerr has many facilities which help all the vendors to start online easily. Download Listerr App or Visit: Marketplace

ListerrGo – A Hyperlocal Delivery Solution

Delivery is the most required service in any eCommerce business. Lister provides its exclusive delivery services i.e. ListerrGo to its vendors to deliver the orders to their customers in their nearby areas. ListerrGo is the hyper-local delivery solution of Listerr, which helps in delivering the orders directly to customers in two hours after order approval. While in case of delivery a customer has the right to choose the delivery option, whether he wants to self-pick up the order or want the order to get delivered at his home. Listerr also provides a special category to few stores that want to deliver the order on their own.

ListerrPay – Payments Made easy

Payment collection and settlement is the last part that comes in the journey of order placement to order delivery. Listerr also facilitates all the vendors and customers to make transactions in between each other using the fastest payment solution via UPI. Payments made via ListerrPay get settled in the account of the vendor on the same day itself. We do not hold the payments for a long time. With wallet facility we Listerrpay also provide cashback and offers for each purchase and sale.

Listerr POS – Web, Mac or Window Solution

Listerr also provides the best solution to manage their eCommerce business on the Web, Mac, or Windows with the mobile app through its POS solution. One can access all his business activities from any device just via making a login through OTP. Any vendor can manage his orders, payments, products, inventory, etc. from mobile as well as laptops.

Start Selling Online

Grow your business or start your online business via Listerr. Checkout all the demo profiles here, look how your business can become a new growing journey through Listerr. Click on this link.

Documents required to start selling online on Listerr.

  1. Store name
  2. Store Address
  3. Store Contact no.
  4. PAN – GST and Adhaar
  5. Current Account no.

So register yourself today at Listerr and sell online. Click here to register.

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