ONDC and Listerr

July 25, 2022

A hyperlocal marketplace that allows local stores and sellers to sell their products directly to their customers and customers can order from their local store. Customers can get their products delivered to their doorsteps in 10 minutes. Here is how it works. If you are thinking about the future of retail, you need to think about the idea of disinter-mediation. This is where the middleman is removed, and the retailer and customer do business directly with each other. This is a trend that is only going to grow as more and more businesses understand how they can benefit from removing the middleman

Listerr is a hyperlocal Indian marketplace, providing services such as online eCommerce platform, logistics, and payment. The company provides all of these to individuals and retailers who have goods to sell at zero commission. Listerr is dedicated to enabling all local businesses (sellers) to sell their products online and reach out to their target audience easily. With services like daily shopping app “Listerr”, Hyperlocal logistics solution “ListerrGo” and payment as service “ListerrPay”, Listerr covers the entire hyperlocal selling and buying cycle, allowing sellers to concentrate on making more money instead of being bogged down with spreading awareness about their business or getting bogged down by logistics.

  1. Why Zero Commission Marketplaces will be the Next Big Thing?
    The online marketplace industry is booming with millions of people using them every day to buy everything from food to cars. And while these online marketplaces have changed the way we shop, they haven’t been much of innovation over the past few years. Online marketplaces have become a commodity, and the only thing that differentiates them is the price. Unlike the offline world, online marketplaces have failed to provide a true value-add to the end users. This is because the online marketplace business model is heavily tilted in favor of the sellers. They make their money by charging the sellers a commission on each sale, thereby pulling away from their ability to provide a better experience for the end users.
  2. What is ONDC ?
    ONDC is a OPEN NETWORK FOR DIGITAL COMMERCE that enables customers to buy products online from local stores and sellers. Online and offline commerce is changing in a fast way, many new players are entering the market with innovative solutions, this is also what is happening with ONDC, a fully functional hyperlocal network of the marketplaces for local shops, sellers, and buyers. The netowrk allows users to find, order, and receive goods and services from local shops, cafes, restaurants, and spas in a matter of minutes.
  3. How does ONDC build trust between customers and sellers?
    Trust is a huge issue in eCommerce. It’s no longer just a matter of a vendor not sending the right product. It’s much more important to have a workable relationship. As a seller, you don’t want to worry about whether you will be paid. As a customer, you want to rest assured that when you buy something, it will be delivered to you. ONDC is a netowork for open commerce and marketplaces that offer buyers and sellers a new way to transact. ONDC has a built-in trust system that ensures that the customer is protected from any fraudulent activity from the seller. ONDC also allows users to rate their experience with every seller. This rating and the seller’s reputation will help buyers choose the right seller for the job and make the transaction process more smooth and less stressful.
  4. Building a partnership with ONDC: How Techstars can help ONDC achieve its vision.
    ONDC is an open network of commerce, so it enables all the marketplaces, sellers, buyers, logistics providers, and payment gateway to participate together in order to cross-platform transactions. All the big tech companies like Paytm, Dunzo, SETU.co, Seller App etc coming together to work network participant over the ONDC, and enable this vision of empowerment of hyperlocal commerce.

Conclusion: ONDC is a project of passion and we truly care about the local stores. This is where we as Listerr participating on ONDC to empower the more retailers.

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