Listerr – A unique Indian marketplace

Listerr – A unique Indian marketplace

January 31, 2021


Listerr is a unique marketplace, where you can find out all the local stores and vendors belonging to any industry nearby you. The uniqueness of Listerr marketplace is that it facilitates the user and vendor to connect directly with each other. The marketplace also provides the facility to interact with each other via direct call. So it makes clear transparency between user and vendor. As a comparison Listerr brings a new type of marketplace that enriches the experience of both users and vendors in their purchase and sales activities.

Connections and Subscriptions

In every locality, there are many types of vendors like Cloth stores, Grocery stores, General Stores, Electronics, etc. So here Listerr provides a direct searching so that you can find the stores by their name and can connect to them directly. After having a connection one can place an order directly to them from anywhere. This connection facility lets the user start experiencing their local market directly in their hand. There is also a subscription facility that lets the user make few stores in their priority or favorite. Once a user subscribes to a store he can access the pricing of products relevant to the category subscribed by a user for a particular shop. Here a user can only subscribe the one store for one category.


Experience at Listerr marketplace is very unique as it let the user visit every store which he has in the connection, within few clicks. Users can see nearby stores and can place orders directly to them. Also marketplace lets the user see the announcement made by the vendor for the day. Once the user has made the connection then he can also make interactions with the vendor directly via call. So this lets the user has a unique experience as compared to other marketplaces.

Order placement and Delivery

There are two ways to place the order in the marketplace, one is you can directly place the order to stores through connections lists and second you can make an open list without taking care of stores whatever you need, the rest will be taken care of by us. Once you placed the order in any way described above, our delivery partnered agency named as ListerrGo will deliver your order directly to your place within few hours. That’s why we say we are easy, fast, and smooth.

Listerr Pro

Listerr pro is the section where one can start and manage the store. The marketplace is so fast that it let the user become Pro user within five minutes, which means it lets the user start his own online store within five minutes. Listerr pro facilitates a user to select his business industry, showcase his item and products directly to customers. It also facilitates the stores to directly connect and subscribe with the customer which visits their store offline. The store can also make an announcement in a day, which lets them share their offers and products directly to users. The pricing of Listerr pro is very affordable, so it let the user become a Pro user easily. Through the single app, one can manage both sections easily can run the business, and avail his personal needs simultaneously.

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