Ecommerce in a new way

Ecommerce in a new way

November 18, 2021

Ecommerce in India

ECommerce has brought a new era in India. It has transformed the way of business; from traditional shopping, Indians are shifting to online shopping very quickly. Not only clothes, but customers go online for medicines and to book movie tickets too. With a turnover of more than $50 billion, India became the eighth-largest market for e-commerce. In India, sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa have boomed and have brought a dynamic change.  To supplement, we are here with a new idea that would ease the life of people and would save a lot many efforts and money. Though people get everything available in online stores, but for aalo, tamatar, dahi, biscuits, and other daily needs they need to go to the shop and buy it. So here is a one-stop solution – Listerr. Listerr is Rajasthan based e-commerce site that would bring more ease to consumer’s life.

What is Listerr?

Listerr is an Indian marketplace where sellers can start their own digital store and grow their business online without any commission on sales. Starting from Jaipur it will spread all over India and get enlarged because of its convenience and benefits. It’s a unique way of taking the businesses of local stores to the online platform and growing faster. Here, customers can list up very easily and get it delivered to their doorstep. Groceries, medicines, and every daily need thing will be available here for consumers. Unlike any other e-commerce site, here you can simply make your list in your own list, or you can just send a photo of your prescription! The order will be get delivered from your nearest local store to your doorstep with all the safety and security. Using Listerr is super easy and convenient at the same time.

Listerr- An opportunity

For local vendors, Listerr is kind of a great opportunity to grow their business. In today’s online world, somewhere e-commerce was hammering local stores; but Listerr is the solution for them. They can go online very easily and make their store digitalized. They can sell online without giving any commission on sales. This is a new beginning of e-commerce where customers can buy from their trusted local vendors and could connect them by just scanning the QR code. Here you get an announcement section where you will be updated with all the ongoing discounts on products. Listerr is a very reliable and super saver application for our customers as it saves money, effort, and time. So, from now, you don’t need to miss your tv episode to bring dhaniya from the market! Just sit on a couch and order it on listerr.

Order daily, order fresh!

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