Digital marketplace for sellers

Digital marketplace for sellers

May 24, 2021

Listerr: An Indian Marketplace

As more and more big businesses are shifting and adapting to e-commerce business due to the need of the hour, it has become equally important for the local vendors, shopkeepers, peddlers, street vendors to start their business online. Due to the increased need to maintain social distancing and less physical interactions, it has become difficult for the local sellers to continue their business at the same pace. This is where Listerr as a marketplace can help these local city vendors to have their digital presence. Listerr is an online platform that acts as a mediator or aggregator between buyers and sellers. 

The importance of digital marketplace

Customers today look for convenience and safety rather than going off to different stores and buying different items like old times. Area supermarkets, colony markets, city markets, are almost on the verge of shutting down due to the pandemic outbreak. COVID-19 has mandated the use of digital platforms and tools in our lives very heavily. People nowadays look for fresh vegetables online rather than buying from their local sabjiwalas, due to the fear of the virus outbreak. This is the reason why starting an online business has become a very important thing and so, Listerr has come up with a solution for this. It is a platform where local vendors and shopkeepers can go online and start selling their products and services online.

Listerr welcomes every seller for almost every industry

We all are aware of the success of massive online business ideas like Flipkart, Amazon, Alibaba, Myntra, and many more like these. These businesses have been able to adapt and mould according to the changing world and hence, have reached the position where they are right now. Gone are the days where people used to go to different stores for buying different items. Buyers today look for a one-stop purchase from where they can buy everything they want. This is the reason Listerr is not restricted to products of only one industry. We at Listerr onboard sellers from across 60 industries to start and sell their products online.

A simple onboarding procedure

Keeping our seller partner’s convenience and importance of time in mind, we have designed a very simple onboarding procedure for their online registration. Along with it, sellers also get to enjoy the benefit of our free 30-day trial period in which they can enjoy all the features and get a hands-on experience of the platform. 

Why Listerr?

Online marketplaces like MyDukaan and many more are working in this area already. Choosing Listerr is almost equal to choosing premium and convenience. We at Listerr understand the importance of buyer’s as well as seller’s time and hence commit to providing order deliveries within two hours. The expansion & reach which online merchants, online sellers, and online retailers look for, is well taken care of through various features of the platform like the “Connect” button, the “Announcements” window, the “Offers & Discounts” section, and much more.

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