Delivery for essentials

Delivery for essentials

May 28, 2021

Stay Safe At Home!
Delivery for Essentials
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2020 and 2021 have proven out to be very challenging years for the whole world. We all are surrounded by the dangerous spread of the coronavirus pandemic. All lives around the world are mainly living for survival and only spending on essentials. A pandemic like this was last observed a century back, in 1920. The whole world is still struggling to find solutions for this pandemic. For the time being, most of the regions of the globe have been put down on hold or have started adopting online practices to a very great extent. The spread has mandated the use of precautions like social distancing, masks, sanitizers, on a global level. Even some regions have come down to the consumption of only essentials and nothing else.

“Social distancing only works if we all participate. And going out for essentials only or preventing the spread of the virus will save lives.”

The need of the hour: Only essentials

Countries all around the globe are fighting from COVID and so are we. The concept of offline stores and offline shopping has failed in these tough times as it is not practically possible to go to stores and shop. The virus is highly communicable and spreads through the air. This is why there is a need of a mask on every face and a need to curb as many outings as possible. Almost all businesses have switched their operations to online platforms. Those who haven’t switched yet are in desperate need and looking to start their businesses online. No customer is willing to come outside and shop due to the high risk involved in it.

Restricted and allowed business areas in India

If we talk about India, there has been a complete lockdown from the past month and everything has been put on hold due to the increasing number of cases and death rate. Public gatherings, functions, events, are not allowed and if there is an emergency, one has to take permissions for that. Cinema halls, theatres, amusement parks, hotels, clubs, and places like these are closed for the time being to stop the public gatherings. Only essential services like Hospitals, food deliveries, home deliveries, medicine stores are allowed to open. A fixed time slot has been set in some cities for these shops also.

Essential Commodities online

Since there has been a total lockdown and curfews in recent times, it is not possible to go to stores and shop. For this, customers are looking for purchasing through online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, etc. Customers have started shopping for online groceries, online fruits, Kirana online, and much more. Home delivery has become a major part of the supply chain which was earlier an optional aspect. Every customer looks for online deliveries of vegetables, fruits and other daily essential items. Pertaining to the current situation, Listerr has come up with a solution for local vendors to build their digital presence. Listerr provides an online marketplace to the local vendors so that they can also continue and grow their business in these tough times.

Essentials delivered to doorstep

Analysing the current needs of customers, Listerr is providing doorstep deliveries of essentials. Daily use commodities and food items which are necessary for survival like eatables, hygiene products, medicines and food is being delivered through our platform. There are more than 2000 stores listed on the portal of Listerr. Through our hyperlocal Listerr GO solutions, we commit to deliver orders within 2 hours to any part of the city. Customers can order food online or whatever they want to from our app. We provide a one-stop app solution to our users where they can order products from different industries.

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